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By videoconference or join by telephone

Thursday, Aug. 18

11 am Pacific
11 am Arizona
12 pm Mountain
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2 pm Eastern
7 pm UK

Transforming sensitivity: from canary in the coal mine to being a voice of the earth

When I was ill with chemical sensitivities and chronic fatigue, learning about the metaphor of the canary in the coal mine was important to me. The canary served a purpose; by dying from the toxic gases in the mines, it told the miners that they needed to get out before they too became ill. When I thought of myself as a canary—that I gave a message to the rest of society through my illness—I felt that some good came from my suffering.

But there was a big problem! While the miners escaped, the canary simply died. It was a disposable indicator. And the same thing was happening to me. I declined, and ventured less and less from my home. I eventually became so weak that I spent almost all my time in bed. I struggled simply to care for myself.

After I went through a great healing shift during intensive meditation, I paid attention to a phrase that came to me.   Instead of being canaries in the coal mine, we could be a different kind of bird: the “Voice of the Earth.” We can put into words what other beings in nature are also saying non-verbally. When I speak with words, I free my body from expressing only by reacting.

Being the Voice of the Earth also means singing about celebrating life and creating healthier ways of living. Instead of being the canaries that die, we can be the birds that sing, heal, and soar!  The path of the Voice of the Earth is one of mutual healing—transformation for the Earth and for each of us.  And it is not necessary to be reactive to chemicals to be such a Voice.

This workshop is an introduction into transformation, whether your journey with illness was long like mine, or is just starting. I am a coach with the Gupta Programme, and will give an introduction to the theory and methods.

$20 for a 90-minute session. Registration closes two hours before the event, and you will be sent call-in/login information.



By videoconference or join by telephone


Sept. 8
Sept. 22
Oct. 6
Oct. 20
Nov. 3

11 am Pacific
11 am Arizona
12 pm Mountain
1 pm Central
2 pm Eastern
7 pm UK (last session will be 6 pm due to time change)


Retrain your brain for health: Skills for building a strong foundation

In this series of five 90-minute long meetings by videoconference (or telephone), we’ll cover these topics:

* Building a support network

* Expressing needs and setting healthy boundaries

* Calming your nervous system

* Developing positive memories and visualizations

* Working with emotions in a healthy way

* Developing your wise, loving self

* Dialoguing with parts of yourself

* Making peace with the past

* What is illness protecting me from?

The format will include participatory exercises with optional sharing. Material will be introduced in class and I will also send out emails with resources. Meetings will be recorded in case you need to miss a class or would just like to review the material.

People may also choose to join an email group that is just for people attending this series.

I am a coach with the Gupta Programme, and teach some of the methods from the Gupta Programme. There is no requirement to purchase the Gupta Programme home study set to attend this series. If you would like to purchase it, if you do it through this affiliate link, I receive 20% of your purchase price and give that back to you in the form of a credit that can be used for group or individual coaching. (When you make your purchase, please email me the date and time of your purchase.) That credit can be applied towards the cost of this series.

Series: $100 for five 90-minute sessions. In order to make sure this group will be a good fit for your needs, please email me to set up a time for a brief chat (15 minutes or less). The group size is limited, so enrollment closes once the group is full.













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